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Migrating from HIRO™ 6 to HIRO™ 7 provides you with new functionalities and a restructured API. The changes in the API’s required to move from HIRO™ 6 to 7 are available in this document.

API Changes from HIRO™ 6 to 7

  • There is now a common base url (https://core.arago.co) for all customers and instances

  • Each HIRO instance has its own scope which is used to manage access-permissions

  • The ogit/_owner attribute no longer needs to be set when writing to provide visibility and access

  • The structure of the path for calling the interfaces has been changed, swapping the position of the API version:
    /api/$VERSION/graph/ (previous)
    /api/graph/$VERSION/ (now)
    for all available APIs, please visit https://core.arago.co/help/

  • The special treatment for ogit/Person (email address has also been used as the vertex id) has been removed.

Necessary adjustments in existing code

To make your existing project work with HIRO™ 7 you will need to:

Update the Authentication API URL

New authentication URL: https://core.arago.co/api/auth/6/app

Update the Graph API URL

New Graph-Api URL: https://core.arago.co/api/graph/7/

Use scope instead of owner for permissions

Change your code to refer to your scope instead of an owner whenever you are performing a task:
e.g. when creating a new vertex set the attribute ogit/_scope
i.e ogit/_owner ogit/_scope
For details please read/follow the tutorial First Steps with HIRO

Note - These API’s may be updated time to time. Latest API’s can be found at https://core.arago.co/help/

Action Handlers in HIRO 7

In HIRO 6 Action Handlers were a part of the engine configuration and executed on the engine. Customers can now create their own on-premise action handlers using the Action API.

For more information on the Action API, please visit Action API

URL to get capabilities and applicabilities

Capabilities: https://core.arago.co/api/action/1/capabilities
Applicabilities: https://core.arago.co/api/action/1/applicabilities

URL to create websocket

URL: wss://core.arago.co/api/action-ws/1/
SubProtocol: action-1.0.0
Sample websocket connection request:

const ws = new WebSocket('wss://core.arago.co/api/action-ws/1/', ['action-1.0.0', 'token-' + '$token'])

Note - These API’s may be updated time to time. Latest API’s can be found at https://core.arago.co/help/